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History of the Institute of Hydromechanics and Water Management (IHW)

Foundation of the Institute of Hydromechanics and Water Management 1970

End of 1970, the IHW was founded, which was housed until the reference of the new buildings at Hönggerberg in 1976 at the Tannenstrasse 1 in the central campus of ETH. The Institute included the Chair of Hydromechanics (Prof. Dr. Themistocles Draco) and the Chair of Sanitary Engineering (Prof. Richard Heierli).

The group Hydromechanik dealt with the mixture and the transport of sediment, dissolved pollutants and heat in rivers, lakes and groundwater. Prof. Heierli was dedicated to study waste water issues and detached in 1972 by the president of the waterworks Winterthur, Ernst Trüeb. Prof. Trüeb edited questions of groundwater management and water supply problems.

Between 1970 and the reference of the new buildings at Hönggerberg research facilities have been designed and built on the Hönggerberg. The digital data acquisition system based on a minicomputer (PDP 11/45 Digital Equipment) later formed the core of the computer system in the HIF research building at Hönggerberg, which was used by many institutions.

New appointments of Chairs 1992 - 1996

Prof. Trüeb came back in 1992, and Dr. Willi Gujer of EAWAG was elected to succeed him as Professor of Urban Water Management. The funds for research came from his professorship at EAWAG. Prof. Draco resigned in 1995. His successor, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kinzelbach worked at the University of Heidelberg and took office in 1996. As third Professor, Dr. Paolo Burlando from Politechnico di Milano was elected in 1997 as professor of hydrology and water resources. Today, the IHW part of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering.

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