Haupt, Mélanie

Mélanie Haupt


ETH Zürich

Doctorate at D-BAUG

HPZ  E 32.2 

John-von-Neumann-Weg 9

8093 Zürich


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Additional information

Research area

Material flow analyses and life cycle assessments of waste management systems. Combination of process and mass flow modeling, LCA and optimization techniques to support decision making for more sustainable waste and resource management.

PhD on the topic “Sustainable management from secondary resources in Switzerland” in the Swiss national research project (NRP-70) “Optimising the energy recovery and the sustainability of Swiss municipal solid waste management”

Curriculum Vitae

2012 - present PhD Candiate, Chair of Ecological Systems Design (ESD), ETH Zürich
2010 - 2012 MSc in Environmental Engineering, ETH Zürich (Master degree in August 2012 with the master thesis written at Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
2007 - 2010 Student assistant at the institute of environmental engineering ETH Zurich, at the chair of ecological system design
2007 - 2010 BSc in Environmental Engineering, ETH Zürich


Year Distinction
2012 ETH Medal for master thesis


Just Accepted




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Do We Have the Right Performance Indicators for the Circular Economy?: Insight into the Swiss Waste Management System.
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Abiotic resources: new impact assessment approaches in view of resource efficiency and resource criticality. 55th Discussion Forum on Life Cycle Assessment, Zurich, Switzerland, April 11, 2014.
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Precious metals and rare earth elements in municipal solid waste. Sources and fate in a Swiss incineration plant.
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