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Dr.  Stephan Pfister

Dr. Stephan Pfister

Ökologisches Systemdesign 

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8093 Zürich


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Stephan Pfister (born 1980) is a senior research associate at ETH Zurich in the Ecological Systems Design group (since 2012). His methodological focus is on the impact assessment of water consumption and land use in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with applications to agriculture and power production. In this context, he advanced water footprint concepts, including future assessments and international trade. He received his PhD from the ETH Zurich in 2011, did a one-year post-doc at UC Santa Barbara in 2011 and has published more than 50 original research papers.

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Towards harmonizing natural resources as an area of protection in Life Cycle Impact Assessment.
Thomas Sonderegger, Jo P. Dewulf, Peter Fantke, Danielle Maia de Souza, Stephan Pfister, Franziska Stoessel, Francesca Verones, Marisa Vieira, Bo Weidema, and Hellweg Stefanie
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, (2017) Landsberg: Springer.
Water scarcity assessments in the past, present and future.
Junguo Liu, Hong Yang, Simon N. Gosling, Matti Kummu, Martina Flörke, Stephan Pfister, Naota Hanasaki, Yoshihide Wada, Xinxin Zhang, Chunmiao Zheng, Joseph Alcamo, and Taikan Oki
Earth's Future, (2017) Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
Understanding the LCA and ISO water footprint: A response to Hoekstra (2016) "A critique on the water-scarcity weighted water footprint in LCA".
Stephan Pfister, Anne-Marie Boulay, Markus Berger, Michalis Hadjikakou, Masaharu Motoshita, Tim Hess, Brad Ridoutt, Jan Weinzettel, Laura Scherer, Petra Döll, Alessandro Manzardo, Montserrat Nuñez, Francesca Verones, Sebastien Humbert, Kevin Harding, Lorenzo Benini, Taikan Oki, Matthias Finkbeiner, and Andrew Henderson
Ecological Indicators, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Assessing the environmental impacts of freshwater thermal pollution from global power generation in LCA.
Catherine E. Raptis, Justin M. Boucher, and Stephan Pfister
Science of the Total Environment, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Biodiversity impacts from water consumption on a global scale for use in life cycle assessment.
Francesca Verones, Stephan Pfister, Rosalie van Zelm, and Hellweg Stefanie
International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, (2017) Berlin: Springer.
Enhancing comprehensive measurement of social impacts in S-LCA by including environmental and economic aspects.
Christopher Zimdars, Adrian Haas, and Stephan Pfister
The international journal of life cycle assessment, (2017) Landsberg: Springer.
Global water footprint assessment of hydropower.
Laura Scherer, and Stephan Pfister
Renewable Energy, (2016) Oxford: Elsevier.
Ecoinvent 3: assessing water use in LCA and facilitating water footprinting.
Stephan Pfister, Samuel Vionnet, Tereza Levova, and Sebastien Humbert
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, (2016) Landsberg: Springer.
Hydropower's Biogenic Carbon Footprint.
Laura Scherer, and Stephan Pfister
PLoS One, (2016) San Francisco, CA: Public Library of Science.
Spatially Explicit Analysis of Biodiversity Loss due to Global Agriculture, Pasture and Forest Land Use from a Producer and Consumer Perspective.
Abhishek Chaudhary, Stephan Pfister, and Stefanie Hellweg
Environmental Science & Technology, (2016) Washington, D.C.: American Chemical Society.
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